Book Recommendation #1

In the tradition of one of my favourite podcasters, Erin Lahey of Small Home Farm Radio, I am introducing a Book of the Week segment. Well, I’m actually naming it Book Recommendation (I don’t want to disappoint myself, or you, if I don’t get around to it every week). This one comes from Erin’s list and has quickly become one of my favourite books (definitely my favourite autobiography).

We Took To The Woods by Louise Dickinson Rich is her account of living in near seclusion with her husband and son in the woods of Maine, USA. It was first published in 1942 and instantly upon reading it conjures nostalgia for country life for those who have even the smallest memories of family camping trips to down right envy for those of us dreaming of the self-sufficient life. Cleverly formatted into chapters headed by questions she frequently got from people on ‘the Outside’, such as “But how do you make a living?” and “Don’t you ever get bored?”, reading this book feels like Rich is sitting at your kitchen table over a cup of coffee (and Barbados rum) this some 70+ years later telling you all about her adventures (and there are plenty!). It is filled with wit and humour, and a few out of date terms that I’ve had to google, but that’s what I like about it. Rich’s world is so rich (do you like what I did there) that I can picture the changing colour of the landscape from green to red to white, and smell the freshly dug earth, and feel the bracing chill of the winter air.

With the sound of cars rumbling past my window, it fills me with a longing (not a sad longing, but instead one that makes you smile to yourself) for the rushing sound of a river and the peace of knowing you are one of a handful of people for miles.

We Took To The Woods

Once again, I have no stake in these companies, but instead just want to share a way for you to find this amazing book. You can do so on the prolific Amazon or the reason I’m not further along in the money saving efforts, Book Depository.


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