Podcasts!!! (yes I needed three)

Podcasts are how I’ve kept my sanity while dreaming about growing my own food and being more self-sufficient. While driving/sitting in traffic or doing a monotonous task at work I would listen to farming and sustainability podcasts, which definitely helped me feel as though, while I can’t actually doing anything right now in this moment, I can learn and soak in as much knowledge and advice as possible. They have helped keep my dream alive and now I’m at the very very early stages of living my dream. I’m just starting off slowly, but it’s a start.

So, here is a list of few of my favourite podcasts (in no particular order) that I recommend to anyone who wants to farm, has just started farming, or even those who have been doing it for years:

Small Home Farm Radio is the very first farming podcast I ever listened to and, as you may have noticed, it inspired the name of my blog. Erin, from Aspendale Farm, is the host and she talks about gardening and livestock, but also tons of homesteading projects, such as making apple cider, maple syrup etc. She also talks a bit about home schooling her children, which (even if I had kids) is not something I would do, but I still found her perspective very interesting. She has stopped recording the podcasts so there are only 51 episodes but they have a ton of great information and are very easy to listen to as you pottering around the house and garden. Erin does still write on the Aspendale Farm Blog.

After enjoying Small Home Farm Radio so much, I branched out and found The Beginning Farmer Show hosted by Ethan Book from Crooked Gap Farm. Ethan has an excellent way of delivering motivating and useful content while not sugar coating the difficulties faced when working and living on a diversified livestock farm. In his regular segment titled ‘Hard Lessons Learned’, Ethan describes things he’s done either wrong or not in the most efficient way, and the many difficulties faced on the farm with humour and explains what he would’ve or plans to do differently in the future. Ethan has added videos to his repertoire and has a YouTube channel with a growing collection of footage from the farm. Can’t get enough? Ethan’s wife, Becca, maintains The Beginning Farmer’s Wife blog where you can read about more happenings on the farm, in the garden, and even at home with the kids.

I am homesteady. Once you start listening to the Homesteady podcast you’ll get it. Aust and his team (a.k.a family and friends) produce this great podcast that is a fantastic mix of how-to homesteading and narrative story-telling. For us Australians, homesteading is essentially small scale home farming. It means providing for yourself and your family off the land you have available to you (but I am Australian, so please, any Americans out there, correct me if I’ve got that wrong). Not only do you get great, quality audio content from Homesteady, but they have an amazing website with articles, and a ‘Pioneers’ subscription program where you can get extra online information on everything from how to fix your gutters to why you should never get ducks. #abduckted

Need a quick fix? Or have something specific you need to learn? the Living Homegrown Podcast with Theresa Loe is perfect for those little how to’s in the kitchen and in the garden. Usually about 20 minutes long, Theresa’s podcasts are succinct and topic driven. She is a wealth of knowledge on everything to do with canning, preserving, fermenting, and making full use of all the wonderful produce from your garden.

Other Notables (plus some that have nothing to do with farming):


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