The Dream

I have a reoccurring day dream that constantly pulls me away from my studies, occupies my lunch breaks, and takes up my evenings. It involves a beautiful piece of land with a country cottage that overlooks a crystal clear lake and is overshadowed by age old mountains. The soil is fertile and grows beautiful herbs and vegetables. There are fruit trees, chickens, pigs and a goat. Inside there is a roaring fire, a never ending library, and a homely kitchen equipped with everything you could ever need to make beautiful food. Beautiful food from beautiful produce grown on my own beautiful land. This is my dream.

Realistically, most of my dream won’t happen any time soon unless I win the lottery and every time I get particularly frustrated or the day dream has been particularly strong I do buy a ticket. In the mean time I am going to learn and do as much as I can from my inner city apartment in the hopes that when the day comes that I do own that piece of land that is all my own, I will know everything I need to know to make it the best it can be. There’s no reason I can’t be as self-sufficient as possible with my little balcony and hopefully get most of the mistakes out of the way here. This is where I will document my journey and share what I learn. I know I am by no means the first person in the world to write a self-sufficiency, small home farm, homesteading, live of what you grow blog, but I’m doing it none the less. Hopefully it will keep me working towards my dream.