Sites I Like

Small Home Farm Radio: the website for my favourite small home farming podcast. You can listen to the podcast from the website if you want or find it on iTunes. It also has all Erin’s recommended books.

Notes From Aspendale Farm: the blog associated with Small Home Farm Radio

Fat Pig Farm: the Facebook page for Matthew Evans’ Tasmanian farm. His show Gourmet Farmer is what first sparked my interest in small home farming and self-sufficient living.

Nourished Kitchen: a website for reviving traditional foods. It’s about eating REAL FOOD!

Whole Larder Love: Rohan Anderson’s blog is about doing exactly what I want to do! Living on the land, growing is own food, and sharing a philosophy of eating real, local, seasonal produce.

The Life of Clare: once again, another blogger living my dream. That might sound spiteful, but really it’s just envy…I’ll get there one day.


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